Benjamin Netanyahu - Cat scratching post

Benjamin Netanyahu - The Dick Cheney of Israel 


Where do you start with Netanyahu? Similarly to Cheney, Bibi has consistently lied to the public through the use of media. He has used fear mongering to win elections and gain support. In the most recent 2015 elections, Netanyahu loudly declared that If elected, there will be no Palestinian state. It was nice for him to officially declare his stance again despite going back on his words following his victory. Who knows, maybe he is saying he wants a solution to appease international pressure while stealing more land and building more settlements. The reality is that the state of Israel has an issue of affordable housing and the best way to gain more land is to prolong the conflict. Netanyahu represents a sector of Israelites that don´t want peace with Palestine. To Bibi, there are no moderate muslims, only extremists. Israel has got a massive housing problem, it always has. Therefore they sort of need to take land from the Palestinians just to afford housing. He claims that he´s in favour of peace because how could he not? He´s far more interested in gaining land to build houses and stop everyone complaining about expensive housing. Add to this, Netanyahu’s abysmal human rights record and his blatant and unprecedented interference in the US elections as well as indirectly endorsed and financed ads to swing the vote towards Romney in Florida. Who can forget him going behind Obama’s back and addressing congress and receiving 30 standing ovations all bought and paid for by AIPAC and the Israel lobby. 


It is for these reasons and many more why we have included Bibi Netanyahu in our list of politikats.  


“The right-wing government is in danger. Arab voters are going en masse to the polls. Left-wing NGOs are bringing them on buses,” B. Netanyahu 

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