The Politikats journey

Inspired by our global leaders, Politikats is here to help get your kitties claws into our most “beloved” politicians. Our satirical cat scratching poles protest against regimes and governments which deny their citizens of the right to an open and free internet, censorship, consistent destruction of the environment at the detriment of future generations, corruption and the disregard of human rights.  We hope to bring attention to the flaws  of our current systems of governance and hold our leaders accountable in a different and fun way.  

While designing the ultimate cat scratching post, we realized that the internet loves cats. Every day, millions of feline photos and videos are shared on social media and websites everywhere. We want to harness the power of the Cat in order to bring accountability and change to certain areas of policy. Let Tiger go toe to toe, paw to paw with the politician of your choice and help make the world a better place for generations to come.

 Our Politikat cat scratching posts are ergonomically designed to maximize your cats scratching pleasure and to save not only your couch but our planet. Each post is designed to maximize usage for our feline friends. Standing 26in tall, our posts allow your kitty to relieve their itch in a number of ways. Whether it is along the front chest, the back, between the legs or along the carpet base. Made from premium all natural sisal rope, our posts have the rough feel that your cat so desperately seeks, mercifully calling his or her attention away from your sofa.

 Created for the modern cat, our sisal posts are designed to give kittens and medium sized cats the ultimate scratching experience. Get rid of that ugly cat tree that takes up most of your living room and replace it with your very own politically inclined scratching post. Rest in peace knowing that Putin is in your living room taking the beating of a lifetime rather than the furniture in your beloved home.




In todays political climate, we want to celebrate Politicians who are making a “positive” impact on our global society. Whether it be by restriction our personal rights through Orwellian policies, infringing upon human rights of citizens and foreign nationals or simply backing outdated fossil fuels such as a coal intend of those pesky renewable energies that those dirty hippies continuously protest for.

This is why we want to celebrate the best of the best, the creme de la creme of todays living and practicing politicians. 

Politikats, is inspired by the German term, “Realpolitik” which refers to politics/diplomacy based on power. Through the use of power to shape, maintain and alter the state, the term implies that politics are coercive, amoral and Machiavellian. We regard some of todays leaders as having a cynical disregard from morality and a focus on self-interest and personal gain at the expense of members of the general public. Our cool cat scratching posts are here to help change things. We intend to use Kitty power to help reshape the state of politics.* 


*We do not intend to overthrow governments with our cat toys, we will leave that to the CIA. We simply intend to bring discourse on the subject of personal privacy, the environment, human rights and corruption. We also want to encourage kitty to get some stretching and exercise in, in a entertaining manner. 


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