The Art of Scratching

We wanted to make sure your kitty got off to a good start with his or her new friend. Here are a list of Scratching tips on how to get your kitty off you couch and onto its new toy. 

Before we get started we found it necessary to better understand the design of our Politikat scratching posts. We began by researching why cats had such an affinity for scratching their nails along furniture. We discovered that rather than for the simple pleasure of wrecking your stuff and decreasing its resale value, that cats actually had very valid reasons to excuse them from this behaviour. Cats are not human after all.

By far and large. the main reason for cats clawing at your valuables is to relieve a certain itch they feel under their claws thereby removing the dead outer layer of skin from their claws and relieving themselves of said "itch".

We also found that cats tend to scratch items in your home in order to mark their territory  by leaving both a visible mark of their passing as well as a scent. Since before their times as trusted companions of Egypt's Pharaohs, cats have evolved to have scent glands in their paws in order to allow their to mark territory and warn others of their presence more easily.

Similar to how we stretch in the morning, cats enjoy stretching their bodies and flexing their feet and claws after taking one of their daily naps. The process of stretching and scratching prepares them mentally and physically for the hunt. What better way to do so than letting them practice on Netanyahu.  Cats also enjoy wrecking your furniture for your love and attention. They know that you appreciate all the holes in the leather sofa. Perhaps they think you made a wrong choice on the colour and need to get rid of it asap. 

Politikats - dimension

Standing nearly 26in tall, our Politicians are made of high quality ABS plastic wrapped in natural and artisanal sisal rope. The rough texture of the Sisal rope is just begging to be scratched at by your kitty’s paw. Stable and heavy, our sisal posts will make sure that your cat can claw at will without having Erdogan move or shake. We wouldn’t want any of the politicians being able to run away without being held accountable by Tiger in his own kitty court.  Our bodies are designed to allow Kitty to scratch comfortably with both paws at the same time.

If your cat doesn't seem interested in his or her new post, here are a could strategies that can help:


1. Scratch the post with your nails. Sit down by the post and gently scratch the post with your nails. Emphasize the noise and make sure that kitty is paying attention to you.


 2. If you kitty still doesn't seem attracted to her new post then spray the post using our "Eau de KatPiss" catnip spray. Our luxury catnip spray is sure to grab your kitties attention 

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  3. A third strategy make involve grabbing a shoe lace and taunting the kitty above the scratching post.

4. A final strategy is to grab a laser pointer and make your kitty chase it. Build up the moment by making kitty circle around the scratching post before going for the post.  

Cat's are all different. If kitty doesn't respond to any of our tips and tricks then you must come up with you own solution. Who knows your cat better than you? Let us know of any tips and tricks you learn to get you Kitty active!



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