Have questions about our cat scratching posts?


  • Are Politikat scratching poles safe for my cat?
  • Yes, our poles are made using natural sisal rope. Our heads are resin based and individually hand painted using lead-free paint. Our cat scratching posts are made with similar requirements to children toys.


  • Can you make custom Politikats based off of photos?
  • Yes, we can! Please contact us at hello@politikats.com in order to inquire. We can turn you, your friend or even your boss into a unique one of a kind cat scratching pole. Send us a message for your own quote. Please be aware that the process of designing a new head takes approximately one and a half months to complete. We can customize both the head and the body. We can do both unique units or multiple units of the same. Please contact us for a quote.


  • I have a politikat cat scratching post, however my cat still chooses to scratch my couch. How do I keep my cats from scratching at unwanted furniture?
  • If you have a politikat post and your cat is not scratching it, then we recommend showing him/her how to do so. If your cat has a post and is using it, yet still scratches at your furniture, then we recommend buying another politikat scratching post. Your cat is probably bored of Trump and looking for a bigger challenge. Maybe try Israel’s Netanyahu or Turkey’s Erdogan. Both should provide added excitement for Tiger. We also recommend that you equip yourself with our very own <Politkat catnip spray>. Simply spray the sisal wrapped body or carpet area of your Politkat post and let your kitty go HAM.


  • 100$ is a little expensive for a cat scratching pole, why should I purchase one?
  • We agree, there are definitely alternative our there which are cheaper, but are they as pretty. We recommend Politikats not only for the novelty and aesthetics of the product but due to its reusability. Once your cat has had its way with Tony Abbott, you simply need to remove the old sisal rope, scrape off the remaining glue material and rewrap the body tightly using our sisal rope package. We want to make out posts as sustainable as possible and this starts by making them reusable. Our bodies are also made of ABS plastic meaning that they are 100% recyclable. Please click the following link for more information on how to rewrap your Politikat post.


  • I want to purchase a Politikat, however I am afraid of being put on a list by my government because of it?
  • We can’t really help you there, we advocate for peaceful resistance and Politikats is definitely a form of peaceful resistance. You don’t necessarily need TOR or bitcoins to buy our products (fun fact: we also accept bitcoins as payment) but you might want to have the package shipped to a friends house to avoid having Putin and his cronies knocking at your door.


  • What if my cat does not understand that Politikats is a scratching posts?
  • It is true that Politikats is not your typical looking scratching post. In our tests with hundreds of cats, we found that very few of them felt like leaving our scratching posts alone. If your cat can figure out how to scratch your couch or your walls but cannot figure out how to use the post then we recommend showing them what to do. Simply sit by the scratching post and slowly scratch the post. Please make sure your cat is looking at your while you do this. You will enjoy scratching the politician in your living room and your cat will soon get the hang of it. 


  • What if my cat is intimidated by Putin?
  • If you chose Putin and your cat decides not to scratch him then you simply need to tell your kitty to man up. Remind him that it he isn’t the real thing. If that still doesn’t work, then go to your local shelter and adopt a new kitty who looks like he is up to the task.


  • I just ordered my Politikat scratching post. How long do I need to wait until I receive it?
  • If you live in the USA, then you will need to wait approximately 3-4 business days until you receive the glorious post. We usually ship our orders next day using USPS 2 day shipping.  It is important to keep in mind that delays may occur for reasons out of our control. Please email us at hello@politikats.com if you have not received your order 7 days after ordering and we will look into it.











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