The Ultimate Gift for rebellious Kitties seeking to Protest Trump.

The Ultimate Gift for rebellious Kitties seeking to Protest Trump.

November 14, 2017 0 Comments

Step aside, Colin Kaepernick, a new way of protesting Trump has arrived, and, this time around, the President cannot walk away, literally.

Canadian company Politikats, which creates politically inclined cat scratching posts is calling on American kitties to get in on the protests through its unique Donald Trump cat scratching posts.  Politikats sisal-wrapped cat scratching posts feature Donald Trump in the posture of many dictators past. For kitties needing a bit more encouragement, Politikats has created a super-luxurious organic and gluten-free catnip spray called “Eau de Katpiss”, which can be directly applied on Donald Trump. Drive your kitty crazy and bring Trump’s Moscow golden shower video right to your living room.

Driven to act, house cats around the country have taken claws to rope to express their dissatisfaction with the actions of President Trump. Already angered by the "grab her by the pussy" comment uttered by Trump, the lingering fury boiled over to a fine range after his recent comments regarding the NFL protests. With little recourse available to the average house cat, many have resorted to an alternative form of protest. Purchases of the Trump scratching post from Politikats have taken off, as house cats unleash their claws for the purpose of political protest.

The initial angering of the kitty population was instigated by the now-infamous release of the Access Hollywood tape, wherein Trump uttered the words "grab her by the pussy", among other inappropriate statements. Cats were horrified that a Presidential nominee would talk so callously about their population, and many expressed their anger by yowling from rooftops and high fences.

Unfortunately, as the feline population was quick to discover, members of Congress were less than sympathetic to this form of protest, often tossing soapy water at them, rather than actually taking their protests seriously. Even Democrats, expected to be the most supportive of any protest against Trump, more often not refused to even set up meetings with leaders of the angry cat population.

While not proving particularly effective, the Cat Lives Matter movement continued in cat trees, back alleys, and veterinarian offices around the country. The movement probably would have stayed relatively low-key, were it not for the recent insults Trump made regarding the cat population.

The other major insult came when Trump made disparaging comments about the NFL protests. It is a well-known fact that cats are extremely supportive of the NFL, which, in turn, rewards that support with four teams named after cats: Panthers, Jaguars, Bengals, and Lions. By publicly attacking the NFL and its players, Trump has shown his continuing contempt for the cat population and what they stand for.

The Trump scratching post from has proved to be the perfect way for cats to protest his disrespectful actions in a unified and natural way. Any cat owner that wants to support their feline brethren should purchase one of these as the ideal gift for the politically angry house cat.


Inspired by our global leaders, Politikats is here to help get your kitty's claws into our most “beloved” politicians. Our satirical cat scratching poles protest against regimes and governments which deny their citizens of the right to an open and free Internet, censorship, consistent destruction of the environment at the detriment of future generations, corruption and the disregard of human rights. We hope to bring attention to the flaws of our current systems of governance and hold our leaders accountable in a different and fun way.

The 24-inch- tall posts are a luxury for cat-owners and kitties alike. Each head is individually cast and

entirely hand-painted. Politikats cat scratching posts are ergonomically designed for maximum scratching pleasure, and the all-natural sisal rope is an indulgent way for cats to relieve their need to scratch.

The Putin and Netanyahu cat scratching posts have sold out. For those who support Trump, Politikats has created Obama and Hillary Clinton cat scratching posts.

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