Donald Trump - The John Stewart of the GOP

Donald Trump - The John Stewart of the GOP

December 28, 2015 0 Comments

A refreshing candidate in a world crippled by political correctness and career politicians Trump has the brash confidence to speak his mind.

While some may suspect that his candidacy is merely a publicity stunt, the fact remains that Trump is first in the poles and getting praise not for his words but for what he represents. His comments on Mexican immigrants during his candidacy announcement was a clever ploy to win votes from the far right. While his comments on immigrants and Senator John Mccain have landed him in hot water, Trump is solely responsible for breaking political orthodoxy by saying what he truly thinks.

The Donald’s strategy has been to appeal to the unhappiness that many feel about the current class of politicians. Washington is inefficient and corrupted by campaign finance, and we fully agree. However, as much as the incumbent class of politicians has failed, entrusting our country to a Hugo (Chavez) Trump would bring us back and not forward. Don’t make him president, but let him clean up the political scene in his signature no nonsense manner. “For many years I’ve said that if someone screws you, screw them back”. I've often told detractors that the GOP needs more Trumps due to the spineless leadership entrenched in this modern era. Trump brings a fighting spirit. It's him against the world and watch out. Him not being a politician that takes on the political oligarchy is an attractive quality to us at Politikats.

He is not groomed to be a politician, does not prepare scripted answers. He speaks the truth, even if it is his “truth”. He doesn’t wait for the poles to be complete in order to figure which position to support. Trump have broken conventional wisdom that you have to be a professional politician to run. Trump could inspire smart individuals who may not have been politically scrubbed to become more outspoken and bring interest to todays greatest issues. Was it not Plato or Aristotle who said that people who should lead the government should be people who do not want to be a politician, but do it because they want want. It is quite a sad state of affairs when politics has become so sterile because of the script and answers. This is a step forward toward accepting candidates because of what they can do rather than what headlines they create.

Yes there are issues with immigration and yes, there is no reason to address them in such a douchebag fashion, however, for Trump, any publicity is good publicity. This attention simply feeds into his hands and gathers more followers who are frustrated with Washington’s inefficient solutions.

Who knows, perhaps Trumps aim is to make the GOP look foolish and pave the way for Hillary Clinton to secure the minorities/latino and women voters while making voters go against the likes of Jeb Bush or Scott Walker. It will be interesting to see if his running has any positive externalities on Hillary’s candidature although we suspect that his no nonsense approach to debates may bring some issues to Clinton’s campaigning. 


It is because of his refreshing, take no prisoners, blunt and fiery attitude that we have included Trump in our Politkats line. From those who are tired of sterile and calculated politics, here is to you Donald, good luck in the debates. Go get them Tiger!

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