Welcome to Politikats

Welcome to Politikats

November 28, 2015 0 Comments

Inspired by keyboard social justice warriors everywhere, you know those friends who constantly share the "one like = one meal for starving child" posts or those who want to hold leaders accountable for their corrupt and inhumane ways through Facebook rants. Politikats is here to help them protest in a way which does not annoy everyone around them. Our beautifully designed sisal rope scratching posts are also designed to help you get rid of your ugly scratching post and stop you from looking like a "crazy cat" person to your guests.  

The perfect talking piece of any living room, our scratching poles are the perfect companion for your kitty. Our cat scratcher will help save your furnitures from your cats murderous claws. Leave the house knowing that Putin or Netanyahu is taking the savage clawing and not your grandmothers favourite chair. 

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