41 things to know about Christy Clark and the BC liberals before voting May 9th

41 things to know about Christy Clark and the BC liberals before voting May 9th

March 23, 2017 0 Comments

 Why a list? People love lists!   We are auctioning off a one of a kind - hand made Christy Clark cat scratching post. Proceeds will go to First Nations Youth Entrepreneurship initiatives. Before voting here are  a few things to note about BC's premiere, Christy Clark. 


1) Alleging her rivals hacked her party's website with no evidence


2) Making tens of thousands with disabilities pay $579 more for bus passes


3) Picking an ex-Fraser Institute director to implement BC's climate change plan


4) Getting her climate change plan ripped apart by her own experts

5) Getting lobbied more than 10,000 times by her own oil and gas donors


6) Skipping an important vote on transgender rights to attend a partisan fundraiser


7) All the donations from other provinces

8) All the donations from other countries


9) All the donors getting public sector contracts


10) Selling public land to BC Liberal donors for a cheap price



11) Spending millions on partisan ads

12) Hiring a staffer facing criminal charges


13) Rehiring the same staffer facing criminal charges


14) Spending more than $500,000 on private flights


15) Billing taxpayers for a private flight to a fundraising dinner


16) Triple-deleting all those emails


17) Billing taxpayers $3,000 for dinner


18) Leaking a "secret strategy document"


19) Taking salary top ups from the BC Liberal Party


20) Yogagate


21) Spending nearly $1 million on government photos

22) That time a Liberal MLA claimed the LGBT community is 'dominating' Christians


23) Sending a staffer to spy on an NDP meeting with youth


24) Insulting whistle-blowers


25) Spending $1 million to upgrade the church Clark goes to 


26) Promoting a company Clark once chaired


27) Allegedly interfering in a local election to help her brother


28) Not telling the truth about BC's job creation numbers  




29) Getting investigated by Elections BC over donations from lobbyists

30) Also,  getting investigated by the RCMP for those same reimbursements

31) Giving a $39 million mortgage to a condo developer

32) Releasing a jobs ad full of false claims

33) Declaring victory after losing a Supreme Court battle to avoid investing in schools

34) Apologizing to "ethnic" voters

35) Mysteriously firing health researchers

36) Making stuff up about the government's record 

37) Getting sued because of partisan advertising

38) Universities hiring Liberal lobbyists to lobby the BC Liberal government

39) Approving a polluted-soil dump upstream from 12,000 people 

40) Taking millions from developers

41) All those cash-for-access scandals

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